GLENDOON is a small cageless cattery in South East Queensland and only started in March 2009.

I have never really been without a cat, usually a Persian, but occasionally there was the odd ‘Moggy’ that I saved from near death!

In 1965 my Parents Heather and Jim Simpson started breeding under the prefix ‘Glendoon’. They continued breeding solid colour Persians and were both Interstate Judges up until 1980 when they decided to retire. You can see more about the history of ‘Glendoon Cattery’ below, thanks to my wonderful Mother.

Recently I decided to purchase an Exotic as a pet to keep me company as I work from home, this led to another because he was lonely, and you can guess what happened from then on.

I decided to start breeding Persians again and fortunately was able to continue using the prefix ‘Glendoon’ which holds such wonderful memories for me.

I am very fortunate that some of the friends that were in the Cat world all of those years ago are still around, and with their help and support we should be able to breed some outstanding cats in the future

I hope you enjoy looking at our beautiful cats and hopefully we will have some kittens early in 2011 so keep checking back for updates.




Please note that Glendoon Cattery
does NOT offer outside stud services

Please DON'T ASK!



(Heather McKenzie nee Simpson)

As a young child growing up on the Gold Coast, it was my dream to own a white Persian cat, but I only ever saw them in magazines and movies.

In 1965, much to my delight, we were given a gift of a blue eyed Persian male and his copper-eyed sister.

Not long after this we met a man named Lance Adams, who turned out to be a breeder of Chinchilla Persians, and he invited us to join his Chinchilla Cat Club at Nundah.

We started attending cat shows, and fell in love with the blues and creams on the show bench. We heard of a club that had fund raised and imported a blue male from the UK, and found out about a breeder who had two cream sons from this import. We hopefully approached her, and she agreed to sell us one of the boys.

This, together with my Scottish Heritage, saw the birth of the Glendoon Cattery. At this time the premier breeder of blue and cream longhairs was Rae Herbert of the Spada Cattery, and much to our delight she agreed to sell us a beautiful blue cream – Spada Aphrodite from two of her imports.

Aphrodite went on to win many Best in Shows for us, and produced many lovely kittens, one of which was our beautiful blue boy ‘Glendoon MacGregor’ who, as his mother, had won many many Best in Show awards, and also sired a great number of lovely kittens for us.

Feeling the need for a good outcross, I did a lot of research and letter writing, and finally imported a beautiful cream male from the Barwell Cattery in the UK, named Barwell Helios.

We continued breeding top quality blues and creams until 1980, and both my husband and myself became Longhair Judges, and my daughter became a well known steward at the various cat shows.

After attending and stewarding at many many shows over a number of years, Tricia developed a passion for the up and coming Bi-Colours and Tri-Colours, and after receiving a surprise gift of a lovely Tortie and White named Elsinore Salome from a good family friend Denis Turner, Tricia commenced breeding under the prefix of Kilkenny.

Unfortunately due to family commitments some years later, Kilkenny was put to rest with Glendoon, but Tricia never got over her love of breeding and showing lovely Longhairs

In 1980 the Glendoon Cattery was put to rest, and it is now to my great pleasure that I hand over the reins to my daughter Tricia, who has recommenced breeding under the Glendoon title.

It is also wonderful to see my Grand Daughter breeding Exotics under the prefix ‘Dolce Gattini’. This breed was unheard of when we were breeding, I wish them all of the success in the world, I know that both of them have the passion and commitment to produce beautiful Persians and Exotics